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Frequently Asked Questions

How are your methods different from other practitioners?

Susan uses her extensive experience and training to identify problems that are may be misdiagnosed by conventional medicine practitioners who typically address symptoms and look for a disease, rather than focusing on finding the root cause.  She helps clients facilitate change at their own pace through an individualized plan with a step by step guide .

When will I see results?

Remember, your symptoms did not develop overnight.  Some people may feel a dramatic improvement within the first few weeks, it may take longer for others.  Each person’s recovery is individualized, but 3-6 months is standard.

How many tests do I have to do, and how much do they cost?

There is no requirement to do ANY tests to see improvement when working with us.  We do ask that clients upload any laboratory test results and diagnostic test results (from the past 2 years only), at least 48 hours prior to our first visit.

Why do you require all clients to have a primary care provider?

Susan does not provide any primary care services and requires all clients to maintain a relationship with their own primary care provider, and that they have had a physical examination within the past 12 months.  If a condition or disorder is suspected that is not appropriately treated using functional medicine interventions or virtual visits, the client will be directed to promptly consult their primary care provider or emergency services (if indicated), when appropriate.  If you ever have concerns of an urgent nature, you should consult your primary care provider or emergency services, as appropriate.

How much time do I have to change or cancel my appointment?

In order to reserve your time, all appointments are prepaid at the time of booking.  If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, so we can reschedule accordingly. New client paperwork requires at least 48 hours to review and complete, and returning clients typically schedule weeks in advance. Therefore, we would not be able to reschedule with short notice in most instances and would otherwise lose income when a client late cancels or no shows for an appointment.  Missed appointments will not be refunded or credited towards future visits.

What if I am late to my appointment?

Susan will wait 15 minutes on Zoom for a scheduled appointment.  If you arrive within that time the visit will commence but our end time will remain as scheduled. For example, if your appointment is scheduled from 10:00am-11:00am, and you log into our meeting at 10:10am, we will have 50 minutes to meet. No partial refunds will be provided for visits that started late, as Susan will be present the entire scheduled time.

Can I send questions to Susan between visits?

A chat feature is available  on the site or an email can be sent to for clients to submit clarifying questions between visits. If you have new concerns or ongoing conditions or questions that require a detailed response, you will be required to schedule an appointment.  Please review the session description page for this pricing.  This often can be arranged within several days, depending on schedule availability.  We are devoted to committing business hours to our scheduled clients and we are very protective of personal family time.  Our goal is to respond to messages promptly during business hours.  If we are unavailable for any extended period of time, such as vacation, we will notify you in advance.

Do you accept payments from FSA (flexible spending account and HSA (health savings account) cards?

Many health insurance companies do allow consulting and coaching by an RN to be paid for through FSA and HSA accounts.  You are able to pay using these cards through our payment system.  We encourage all clients using these accounts as payment to confirm that their insurer permits coaching by an RN.  Some insurers may require a letter of medical necessity (LMN) from your primary care provider to be submitted to them prior to approval.  More often than not, your insurance will allow you to use FSA and HSA funds to receive coaching from me, but be sure to confirm this prior to scheduling.

Why don't you accept health insurance?

Insurance companies require visits to be very brief so healthcare providers can see many clients within a short span of time.  We are dedicated to getting to the root cause of symptoms. Therefore, we must be able to provide in-depth, time consuming visits to appropriately assess the client as a whole person.  Our goal is to provide the appropriate guidance, assurance and  understanding.

Can your office provide documentation that can help with getting insurance reimbursements for consultations?

We recommend that you retain receipts and/ or payment statements to present to insurance companies for reimbursements. Most insurance companies will not reimburse for supplements.  Please note that we cannot guarantee reimbursement.


Any content on this website is in no way a substitution for medical care, nor is it ever advised to make any changes to health or medical recommendations made by your healthcare providers.  It is recommended that you discuss any new lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise with your primary care provider.  Every effort is made to provide up to date, evidence based health recommendations, but this is no substitution for discussing any changes with your own healthcare provider.  All information on this website is to be considered for informational purposes only, and to be used at your own risk.  Despite best efforts, content or services on this website may, from time to time, contain errors.  Furthermore, we are not responsible for the actions or failures of any third parties associated with this website.

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