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Functional Medicine
Initial Consultation

1 hour 30 minutes @ $250.00 Online/video chat

The initial consultation includes a 90-minute video visit after the completion of a thorough intake assessment that provides me with information about your health history and current concerns. This assessment form will be sent to you via email once your appointment and payment has been confirmed.

This rate does not include any diagnostics or treatment plans that may be recommended during the initial consultation. It does include my time (approximately 2 hours) thoroughly reviewing your intake form, laboratory results and diagnostic test results you have submitted to me for review (last 2 years only) and developing a treatment plan prior to our initial visit.  I request that clients upload any recent laboratory reports and diagnostic reports (x-rays, ultrasounds, etc....) for me to review prior to the initial visit, which is included in the cost.


This includes the time needed for me to write up a thorough follow-up collaborative plan we developed during our time together (typically this is one hour after the initial visit writing up a follow up plan with detailed information on topics discussed).                                                                                                       

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